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To effectively search the uVu site, use these steps to run a search that returns exactly what you are looking for:

  1. Identify your concepts
    Break down your topic into its separate concepts. For example, you want videos related to global warming and crops.
  2. Refine your search terms
    Make a list of specific terms that apply to the specific topic you are looking for. For example; greenhouse effect and climate change.
  3. Consider the logical relationships among your search terms
    Think about which terms you want to put together to focus your search, and which terms you want to exclude to filter out things that don't interest you.
  4. Enter your search query using quotes for multiple words, and boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
    Properly entering your search query can make a huge difference in the number of results returned. Consider these examples:
    • entering the words CLIMATE and CHANGE will return all videos with either of those words in the title or description
    • using quotes around the words adds focus to the search. "CLIMATE CHANGE" will only return videos with both of those words together in the title or description. Your search results list will be far shorter, while being more in line with what you were searching for.
    • use AND to tie related concepts together; ie. "CLIMATE CHANGE" AND FLORIDA
    • use OR to display results from two or more concepts; ie. "CLIMATE CHANGE" OR "GREENHOUSE EFFECT"
    • use NOT to filter out potential results that you aren't interested in; ie. "CLIMATE CHANGE" NOT "POLAR ICE CAP"

      See this page for more information on using boolean operators for effective searching.
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